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Dancing with my mother


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DANCING WITH MY MOTHER, a film by Camilla Greenwell.


Director - Camilla Greenwell

Director of Photography - Laura Aguilera

Movement Director - Steph McMann

Composer - Jan Brzezinski

Focus Puller - Dorothy Dee

Assistant - Anouk Jouanne

Colourist - Fabio Cachucho


Graphic Design - Ana SFresneda

Motion Graphics - Maria Barriga

Percussion - Alejandro Lovera

Double Bass - Ferg Ireland


Re-recording Mixer - Jan Brzezinski

Mothers & Children :

Kate Huckin & Jessie Huckin

Lauren Potter & Molly Ann Pendlebury

Mary Price-O’Connor , Siân O’Connor & Lily O’Connor @themovingtheatrelab @sian_o @lilyohsee

Vasu Patel & Kaajel Patel

Djenaba Davis-Eyo and Lisa Elde
@damsel.elysium, @lisa.elde

Special thanks to:

Islington Arts Factory

Katya Bourvis


To mark the anniversary of my mother passing away 20 years ago, I made this short film capturing mothers and their adult children dancing together. The film explores the relationship between them, and how it feels to be connected through movement.

Having worked within performance and dance for the past 10 years, primarily as a photographer, my films tend to explore the potential and significance of movement off-stage, focusing on personal stories as a narrative, rather than specific choreography. Some of the people in the film are professional dancers, but most are not, and the dancing was all improvised on the day with support from movement director Steph McMann.